Download Gemini.NET ASCOM Driver

Gemini.NET ASCOM driver supports Gemini-I Level 4, Gemini-II Level 5, and Gemini-II Level 6. Serial, USB, and Ethernet UDP communications are all supported.

Please install ASCOM Platform, first!

Latest Stable Release

v1.1.23 Release Notes

Previously Released

v1.0.84 Release Notes


Gemini.NET ASCOM driver was created and is maintained independently from Losmandy-Hollywood General Machining Inc. or any of their employees or partners. By downloading this driver you agree to use it at your own risk.

For help with the driver or any of its features, please join us on the Gemini_ASCOM_Driver discussion group!

For help with ASCOM Platform and ASCOM tools, please visit ASCOM Talk group